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liboss is a sound API to provide OSS support in Apple OS X. This will provide an audio API bridge between the linux OSS API and the Apple OS X CoreAudio API. Enabling easier ports to OS X of software that requires OSS Support.

You can also have a look at other similar projects:
  • OSS : The original OSS kernel module
  • PortAudio : Audio emulation software
  • NetBSD : NetBSD CVS archive (idea came from here)

Project Team
Alexander Strange (Feanor)
Benjamin Reed (RangerRick)
David Vasilevsky (vasi)
Justin F. Hallett (TheSin)
Max Horn (Fingolfin)
Peter O'Gorman (pogma)
Current release
None (stable)
CVS (unstable)
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Mac OS X - 10.1+
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Updated: May 10th, 2002